Trinity takes pride in customizing every church web site so that the parishioners recognize it as an extension of the parish itself. We begin each site design by taking a portfolio of digital photographs of the interior and exterior. Then we make extensive use of these photos and complementary graphics to recreate the atmosphere.  If the camera didn't quite get it right, we use our graphic arts skills to enhance the images until everything is perfect.

Letters of Recommendation:

Church or St Catharine - St Margaret

Church of St Martha

Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Church of the Visitation

E-mail Correspondence:

  • Ha, I like the "doctored" door photo; it's pretty much like the other one only now all "bloomed."  Great job!
    Fr. M (St Martha)

  • I absolutely loved the photo tours! In the background I heard a favorite song of mine "Yahweh, I know you are Near" - very appropriate for the interior. Photo album idea is great. Keep up the good work!
    Brigid (St Dominic)

  • You're terrific. Thanks
    (St Catharine-St Margaret)

  • Hi, I really love the web page on St. Anne Cemetery
    (St Catharine-St Margaret)

  • Thanks.
    Had 5 emails from the weekend, all liking the site!
    (St Martha)

  • It's great! Thank you so much
    Janice (Church of Epiphany)

  • Looks great, as always!
    Janice (Church of Epiphany)

  • This website is very well done. Kudos to the webmaster!!
    Liz (St Martha)

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